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  • Forensic First Ltd. is a Bermuda operation providing independent consulting services to third party organizations. Among its clients, since July 2010 Forensic First Ltd. has been contracted to perform forensic accounting functions for the Bermuda Police Services, including investigating and supporting cases of suspected fraud, identifying sources and uses of funds, tracing and recovering assets and proceeds of crime, preparing and presenting financial analysis and reports, giving expert testimony and aiding law enforcement, government officials and victims of fraud in their pursuit of justice and recovery.

  • Todd Boyd has testified as an expert witness on numerous occasions, both in Ontario's Court of Justice and in Bermuda's Supreme Court.

    Mr. Boyd is a graduate from the University of Toronto, a Chartered Accountant, and a Certified Fraud Examiner. Mr. Boyd has a background working for Grant Thornton, an international public accounting and consulting firm, specialized in forensic accounting and bankruptcy and insolvency. Mr. Boyd spent two years stationed inside the Metropolitan Toronto Police Headquarters, Fraud Squad, in Toronto.

    Throughout his 20 year career as a Chartered Accountant Mr. Boyd has consulted on and performed civil and criminal forensic accounting investigations for multiple Bermuda and North American organizations. Forensic First Ltd. can help you.

  • Trudy Q. Simmons has prepared various forensic account reports including a case of alleged money laundering, a case related to false accounting and secret commissions, and a case involving the alleged theft of more than $2 million by way of financial manipulation, false accounting and fraud.

    Prior to joining Forensic First Ltd. Ms. Simmons worked for the Bermuda Government's, Office of the Auditor General ("OAG") for six years. There she gained a wealth of experience in Public Sector and Governmental Accounting. She also assisted in investigative accounting which formed the basis for various OAG reports. From those experiences she realized she had an investigative niche and obtained a Certified Fraud Examiner ("CFE") designation in November 2011.

    Ms. Simmons is currently pursuing the Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant designation, which she anticipates obtaining in the near future.

  • Forensic First Ltd. has extensive criminal and civil accounting knowledge and experience.

    Unraveling financial wrongdoing and suspected theft and fraud

    Performing economic loss and damage quantification

    Preparing loss recovery and profit or business interruption calculations

    Investigating shareholder, employee and management disputes, including conflicts of interest,
                 and allegations of financial impropriety

    Performing fund and asset tracing and aiding in recoveries, including sources and use analysis

    Providing expert witness testimony

    Performing financial analysis and investigating and reporting on suspected accounting improprieties ranging from
                 lapping, to ponzi and pyramid schemes, from cheque tampering and kiting to financial manipulation and theft

  • Forensic First Ltd.'s Todd Boyd's work lead to guilty plea and conviction


    "Theft comes to light thanks to Forensic First's work"
    A book-keeper who admitted stealing more than $200,000 from her employer to help fund her gambling addiction was jailed....Read More


    "Bookkeeper pleading guilty to stealing more than $200,000"
    A book-keeper has admitted stealing more than $200,000 from the dental surgery where she worked....Read More


    "Women [initially] denies stealing from Dental Surgeon"
    A Paget woman this morning denied stealing more than $400,000 from a dentist's surgery during an appearance in.....Read More

    Forensic First Ltd. investigates money laundering activity of an alleged drug importer

    "Man on trial for conspiracy to import heroin"

    A man accused of conspiring to import heroin and laundering the profits went on trial yesterday...Read More

    Alleged money laundering scheme outlined by Forensic First Ltd.


    "Alleged money laundering scheme outlined"
    An alleged scheme to launder the illegal proceeds of a drugs plot has been outlined for a jury...Read More

    Forensic First Ltd.'s work leads to money laundering sentencing


    "Duo convinced of money laundering"
    A man and woman convicted of money laundering must wait until next month to learn their fate in Magistrates' Court...Read More

    Forensic First Ltd. helps identify proceeds of crime


    "Woman charged with having proceeds of crime"
    A Pembroke woman appeared in Magistrates' Court this morning charged with possessing more than $100,000 in illegitimately earned money... Read More

    Forensic First Ltd. investigates money laundering


    "Trio charged with laundering money"
    Three Pembroke residents yesterday denied charges of laundering almost $200,000 of drug money.... Read More

    Forensic First Ltd.'s Todd Boyd profiled by The Royal Gazette


    "Getting the Goods on the Fraudsters"
    A local forensic accountant has been using a head for figures and a nose for crime to help sniff out frauds, thefts and corruption... Read More

    Forensic First Ltd.'s Todd Boyd testifies in Bermuda's Supreme Court
    (R. vs. Cedric Oates)


    Court Hears from Forensic First's Todd Boyd
    A teacher's life savings were largely used for construction-related expenses rather than the purchase of properties for resale... Read More


    Verdict: "Guilty of Swindling Fellow Teacher"
    A school guidance counsellor was yesterday convicted of using false statements to convince a teacher to invest her life savings... Read More

    Forensic First Ltd.'s Todd Boyd decorated by the Bermuda Police Services


    Letter of Appreciation from the Bermuda Police Services
    For efficient and effective research... Read More


    "Man who Laundered $2.2 million sent to jail for five years"
    A man guilty of the largest money-laundering crime that's ever come before the Bermuda courts is today beginning a five-year prison... Read More

    Forensic First Ltd.'s Todd Boyd testifies in Bermuda's Supreme Court
    (R. vs. Andre Curtis)


    Court Hears from Forensic First's Todd Boyd Day 1
    Businessman spent $271,000 paid to him to renovate a home in only four months, with less than half going toward actual construction, according to a forensic accountant.... Read More


    Court Hears from Forensic First's Todd Boyd Day 2
    Andre Curtis spent just $215,568 of the $345,250 he received from Government for Faith-Based Tourism on that project, a forensic accountant alleged yesterday... Read More

    Forensic First Ltd.'s Todd Boyd testifies in Bermuda's Supreme Court
    (R. vs. David and Antoinette Bolden)


    Court Hears from Forensic First's Todd Boyd Day 1
    Almost $290,000 went out of an investment company bank account without explanation and into the accounts of... Read More


    Court Hears from Forensic First's Todd Boyd Day 4
    A forensic accountant continued to be grilled by lawyers yesterday during a lengthy stint on the witness stand... Read More


    Verdict: "Guilty of misleading the Bermuda Monetary Authority but Not Guilty of Theft and Moneylending"
    Financiers David and Antoinette Bolden ... Read More

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